RCM BLITZ™ Facilitation

After performing the analyses and implementing our RCM Tasks, our machine performance has gone up and our maintenance and spare parts costs have gone down.
John Szymansk | Rocky Mountain Bottle Company

I learned useful techniques to implement RCM Blitz™ to our company and plan on setting up analysis right away.
Mark Baker | Mechanical Engineer | TECK Mining

Great job, providing a step by step process tool that will enable us to thoroughly evaluate critical equipment and potential failure modes. Doug is very enthusiastic and his passion is evident.
Stan Gomes | AERA Energy

Finally, a tool that will eliminate the fire-fighting and help us become more proactive in maintenance.
Katherine Sitler | Dunlop Slazenger

Cargill Oilseeds Europe has conducted several training courses and RCM Blitz™ studies over the last years. The experienced and professional facilitation has resulted in a well defined maintenance strategy for several critical assets easy to implement and added value at the bottom line. Thanks for contribution and efforts.
Walter Nijsen | Asst. Maintenance and Reliability Leader | Cargill Grain and Oilseeds Europe.

Doug’s comprehensive understanding of reliability and his real world experience at implementing RCM enables him to present the topic in such a way that it is not an academic or engineering exercise but a simple, proven methodology to improve reliability on all equipment. His approach, which involves building capability in our resources and facilitating the learning on our equipment, kept our people interested and eager to apply the learning on an ongoing basis. With Doug’s guidance we significantly improved the reliability and reduced risk of loss on all of the critical equipment in our most strategic plant. Anyone who has read the books and become paralyzed by the thought of implementing RCM needs to look into this approach – Doug makes it easy.
David Frye | Director of TPM and Maintenance Excellence | Kaiser Aluminum Corporation

RCM Blitz™ method will go a long way in driving correct maintenance practices and data gathering in our future critical importance is to immediately update documentation and P+IDs, as well as metrics in order to create the first big win with the use of RCM.
Scott Brown | Reliability Engineer | Shell E&P

I learned useful techniques to implement RCM Blitz® to our company and plan on setting up analysis right away.
Mark Baker | Mechanical Engineer | TECK Mining

RCM BLITZ™ Training

Very good! One of the best classes I’ve been to.
Edward Woodham | Planner | Mosaic

1. Doug was clearly an SME for RCM with a great deal of real world experiences shared. Well done.
2. RCM Blitz™ is a dedicated fact based process we will try to weave into our new corporate culture.
3. RCM Blitz™ is directly applicable to my business today. I expect to pursue it further.
Keith Ruprecht | Maintenance Manager | Anheuser Busch

I had a prior RCM course via Webex and the course delivered by Doug was so superior that I am recommending all our LSA analysts attend as soon as possible. It was well worth the trip from Atlanta.
Steve Court, Sr. | Logistics Support Analyst | IMP Aerospace

1. Ricky has shared his experiences with us and also inspired us to use this training.
2. One of the best training seminars I have attended.
George B. Spahmen | Planning and Scheduling Coordinator | Sabic IP

Very please with attending this course. Maurice is a fantastic educator. I just finished a five year degree and would have like to have someone like him for an instructor.
Zach Ston | Electrical RE | Mosaic

Great process that pulled the right people together in order to realize some real opportunities.
Ben Hall | Buyer | Mosaic

Doug Plucknette for President! Subject matter spot on. Implementation will be slightly uphill but worth the effort.
Mike Dana | Senior Facilities Tech | GSK Vaccines

Very effective program. If implemented correctly, the company would definitely be world-class.
Derek Rice | Reliability Supervisor | Mosaic Potash Esterhazy

Fantastic course. Those who attend will bring a lot of knowledge of best practices to the company.
Garrett Kuntz | Reliability Supervisor | Mosaic Potash Esterhazy

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