Why RCM Blitz™?

RCM Blitz™ differs from other Reliability Centered Maintenance Services or methodologies as it was not only designed to address equipment reliability, but also: health factors, safety concerns, and environmental incidents and reduce accidents. The RCM Blitz™ methodology was designed as a response to manufacturing companies that found traditional RCM too expensive and time consuming. The RCM Blitz™ methodology begins with the critical manufacturing assets only resulting in immediate return.

How Does RCM Blitz™ Save Companies TIME?

  1. Less Meetings: The RCM Blitz™ process allows companies to complete a traditional RCM analysis on a major critical asset by ‘defining the envelope’: completing the upfront tasks and then setting up your meeting to complete the analysis. The process removes the repetition and review that is caused by stopping and starting meetings.
  2. Quick Identification: The RCM Blitz™ process is quicker and more precise in the way we identify our Main Function Statement and discuss support functions at the component level.
  3. Less Steps: The process flow of RCM Blitz™ is much quicker; once functions and functional failures have been identified, we move on to discuss failure modes, effects, consequences, and decisions as opposed to addressing each step separately.
  4. Better Decision Logic: The RCM Blitz™ decision logic is more clearly written and to the point and always leads the team to the correct task.
  5. The Right Database: The RCM Blitz™ user interface software database tool is optimized for facilitation flow and co-facilitator activity.
  6. The “Stick Factor”: Companies who have participated in RCM Blitz™ become wholehearted adopters of the RCM culture. From that day forward, RCM becomes ingrained in their work culture, saving companies time and money in repeated consultant visits and failed RCM attempts.

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