RCM Blitz™ gives the client thier own RCM tools for sustained success.

A Typical RCM BLITZ™ Facilitated Project Will Cover the Following

  • 85-100 Components of targeted Asset
  • 120-140 Failure Modes of targeted Asset

RCM BLITZ ™ Deliverables

  • A list of PM/PdM tasks addressing operating environment/envelope
  • Identification of induced failures modes of the PM/PdM activities
  • A complete Maintenance Strategy for your equipment
  • Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide for your equipment
  • A complete list of necessary spares required to ensure equipment reliability

RCM BLITZ™ Benefits

  • Refined Operating Procedures.
  • High knowledge transfer rate.
  • Learn when, where, and what type of predictive maintenance technologies to use to detect critical failures at your facilities.
  • Put into place failure-finding tasks that will reduce the probability of catastrophic Health, Safety, Environmental failures.
  • Learn how to reduce Mean Time to Restore (MTTR) through the use of consequence reduction tasks.
  • Learn how to identify where to apply the RCM Blitz™ process based on reliability measures.
  • When implemented, RCM Blitz™ will reduce emergency/demand maintenance work.
  • When implemented, RCM Blitz™ will reduce maintenance costs by reducing secondary equipment damage.
  • Reduced emergency and demand maintenance results in reduced unit cost of product by lowering maintenance costs and improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Your operations and maintenance people will have increased understanding of how your equipment is supposed to work and the tasks required to keep your equipment reliable.
  • When implemented, RCM Services will include detailed operations checklists to ensure proper setup and operation of equipment.