About RCM Blitz™

Recognized as one of the top RCM Methodologies in the industry, RCM Blitz™ was developed by Doug Plucknette in 1997 when he recognized the need to develop a RCM methodology that was not only quick and efficient, but focused on improving manufacturing reliability while reducing health, safety and environmental incidents and accidents. While some think of RCM Blitz™ as a streamlined method, the RCM Blitz process meets and exceeds the SAE JA-1011 and JA-1012 standards for Traditional RCM.


The RCM Blitz™ utilizes that allows the user to upload their equipment hierarchy to the component level with functionality designed to build both speed and accuracy into the analysis process.


RCM Blitz™ works because we address and mitigate the Failure Modes that result from the context and environment in which you operate your equipment


Traditional RCM methodologies wait and perform their analysis following significant failure events, RCM Blitz™ is proactive. Tasks and analysis can be performed before failures, eliminating these events before they ever occur. We bring nearly twenty-five years of experience in working with companies to build efficient failure modes based proactive maintenance strategies that ensure reliability and safety.

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