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Improve equipment reliability, health, safety and frequency environmental incidents with one methodology.
The 'Stick Factor'
End the revolving door of consultants. RCM Blitz ™ puts the tools in the client's hands, integrating RCM into thier culture.
Making the best even better
Training, certifications, mentoring, coaching; on-site and off-site from shop floor to corner office.
What can RCM Blitz ™ do for You?
Reduce Emergency and Demand Maintenance Work

RCM Blitz ™

What Can RCM Blitz™ Do For You?

RCM Blitz™ is an overall reliability strategy grounded in a fundamental understanding of how equipment fails. From  the beginning RCM Blitz™ was created to identify and mitigate the failure modes that result from the context in which you operate your equipment and the environment in which it operates. The result is a complete maintenance strategy that includes Condition Based, Failure Finding, Preventive, and Operator Care Tasks. Developed in 1997, the method has been applied to existing equipment as well as new designs for companies both large and small in countries around the world. Contact us to learn more about Reliability Centered Maintenance.

Why RCM Blitz is Reliable?

RCM Bitz ™ Facilitator and Author

RCM Blitz™ founder and facilitator, Doug Plucknette, is the author of Reliability Centered Maintenance using RCM Blitz™ as well as his latest book Clean, Green and Reliable: The Roll of Maintenance in Sustainability.

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