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Web-based RCM Blitz on iReliability!

Spent the day yesterday with the folks from iReliability working on some of the final touches to the web-based RCM Blitz module and I have to say I am very excited in regard to what this tool can do and some of the features we have added to make this what I believe will be the best RCM software available on the market.

Is anyone interested in making RCM a bit faster?

RCM Blitz in iReliability will have teams working on failure modes and developing tasks for their new maintenance strategy in the first hour of the analysis!

Are you at all interested in tracking the progress of your implementation at any time, or across multiple RCM efforts?

RCM Blitz in iReliability has the most powerful implementation planning and execution module I have ever seen, we can track live the progress of our implementation efforts in regard to who tasks are assigned to, what tasks have been completed, the percent implemented and performed.

Have you ever wondered what the most common failure mode was in your company, what components are failing the most or the percentage of your failure modes that are wear based?

iReliability's RCM Blitz module does it all with the click of a mouse and the blink of an eye you can search your RCM data across any site any plant or your entire company.

So, today I am excited to say the world’s fastest growing RCM methodology is about to have the world’s most efficient web-based tool..... RCM Blitz on iReliability!

For information on RCM Blitz and iReliability please click the contact us button on our website or e-mail me directly at plucknetted@alliedreliability.com

Doug Plucknette

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