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Ranting about RCM Blitz!

Last week my colleague Shon Isenhour ranted about Planning and Scheduling so I will take a tip from him and rant this week about Reliability Centered Maintenance!

Someone told me last week that he believes his company might have a difficult time with Reliability Centered Maintenance because they have so many other competing programs going on at the same time. 

"We have TPM, Just in Time, 5 S, 5 Whys and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People all going on at once, with only twenty some people on site we are spread a little thin.  In fact if you do the math if we each take one S, one Why and 1 good habit that gives us around a hand full left to do RCM Blitz!"

Perfect!  It only takes a handful of good people to do RCM the right way so just make sure you save RCM Blitz for your experts!  And, when they show a return on investment for training, mentor, facilitating and implementing everything Reliability Centered Maintenance has to offer in less than 6 months, I have faith you will continue to do RCM Blitz!

For information on Training, Facilitation, Mentoring or assistance in selecting where to focus your RCM effort, just hit the contact us button on our website or reply to this blog!


Doug Plucknette

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