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How Do I Know What RCM Tasks Are Critical?

A customer who is relatively new the concept of RCM Blitz™ recently had a discussion with one of our facilitators regarding the PM’s and Failure Finding tasks that come from performing a RCM analysis.  Having recently completed the implementation portion of the process he was excited to audit the last quarters tasks completed by the maintenance group and in doing so was somewhat surprised to discover several of the PM’s identified in the analysis had not be completed.  He was even more shocked to find out that several of the PM’s that were not completed had potential safety consequences and as one would expect he was concerned that of all the PM’s to be “skipped over”, why did we skip these?  Should there not be something in the process that designates a PM is safety critical to ensure we get these done?

Posted below is my response

At the present time, the reason we perform a RCM Blitz™ is to identify and mitigate failure modes. This includes hidden failure modes and failure modes that impact HSE so for every RCM Blitz™ we complete we have identified all failure modes that could impact Heal, Safety or Environment.  From there the tasks are entered into your CMMS (computerized, maintenance, management, system) and then managed by your maintenance group.

In regard to your CMMS and managing PM'S, I'm sure one could identify a way to flag PM'S or failure finding tasks that impact safety to help ensure they are completed but I tend to firmly believe in the following:

You/we performed a RCM and the process lead your team to develop this list of tasks. Knowing this, you must complete them all as scheduled. There is no task interval that states "Whenever we feel like it, or if we have time this month".  The better idea might be to designate any task developed through RCM as RCM Critical.

Think about it, if we follow the Blitz process we should be performing the RCM Blitz™ on a critical asset, knowing this shouldn't all the PM'S be critical?

Last thought, I also let my customers know as the begin implementation the analysis they just completed contains tasks that address several failure modes that impact HSE. This is documented proof the company is aware of the failures and their potential consequences so electing not to implement or perform these tasks puts their company in the very risky position of being found negligent should these task not be completed at the designed interval.

RCM Blitz is all about improving reliability as well as reducing HSE incidents and accidents but the process depends on the discipline of the organization to perform the prescribed tasks as scheduled to be 100 percent effective.

Doug Plucknette

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